All the tea about SkinPen

Wrinkles, Scars, Sun Damage? Say Buh-Bye! Viva Skin Lounge’s SkinPen for Skin that Defies Time.


Remember that time you tried microneedling with a roller that resembled a medieval torture device? Yeah, us too. Redness, irritation, and questionable results – not exactly #selfcaresunday vibes. But get ready to chuck that at home contraption because Viva Skin Lounge is bringing the SkinPen, and we are about to rewrite the microneedling game!


SkinPen is to microneedling what a private jet is to a commercial flight: luxurious, precise, and delivers transformative results. This FDA-approved, clinically proven equipment uses tiny needles to gently coax your skin into boosting collagen, smoothing wrinkles, and minimizing scars.


Ah, scars. We’ve all got ’em, those little (or not so little) reminders of life’s adventures etched onto our beautiful skin. Whether it’s acne’s unwelcome parting gifts, stubborn fine lines whispering tales of laughter lines turned laugh lines or stretch marks telling the story of our bodies growing and evolving, SkinPen can help soften these reminders!


SkinPen Microneedling offers: 

Precision that’s sharper than your wit: Unlike microneedling roller chaos, SkinPen’s controlled depth targets specific concerns, whether it’s erasing those pesky acne craters or plumping up fine lines so they can retire gracefully.


Comfort? We heard you! SkinPen’s minimally invasive approach means less ouch and more wow. You’ll leave glowing, not grimacing.


Plus, the downtime? Minimal. 

SkinPen is the scientifically backed secret weapon for brighter, tighter, smoother skin.


And trust us, you’re in good hands. Our team of six registered nurses and two estheticians are skin whisperers, crafting personalized treatments that work like magic (okay, science, but magic sounds cooler). 


So, whether you’re from East of the city near North Huntingdon or downtown Pittsburgh near Squirrel Hill, ditch the at home treatments and try the SkinPen at Viva Skin Lounge! Book your appointment today and get ready to see your glow-up!

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