Aesthetic Treatments in the Pittsburgh Area

We specialize in creating a customized treatment plan for every patient.

Our injectors are experienced and certified in Botox, Filler, Sculptra, Radiesse, and other nonsurgical aesthetic procedures. Other services include: Morpheus8, PDO Threads, PRP/PRF, IV therapy, and more. We also have 2 licensed estheticians on staff that can provide a skin analysis and services such as our custom facials, DiamondGlow, Hydrafacial, BioRePeel, dermaplane, laser hair removal, laser treatments, microneedling with SkinPen, and more to help get you the skin of your dreams.

We believe in pricing transparency and making aesthetic treatments more accessible. 

We accept both appointments and walk-in clients.


A med spa…but make it cozy. 

Here at Viva Skin Lounge, a med spa with 2 locations in Irwin and Squirrel Hill, we specialize in creating custom treatment plans meant for you, your budget, and your aesthetic goals. Schedule a complimentary consultation with any of our providers today!

Meet Our Team


Let’s start with the boss lady. Everyone, meet Lindsay! Lindsay is our owner here at Viva. Lindsay started this business by taking a leap of faith. She started Viva with only the money from her tax return and crossed her fingers. We asked Lindsay what motivated her to start this business – “I researched this industry for a long time. I was unhappy with what I was doing in my career and I knew the only way I could change that, was by taking a risk. I wanted to see my kids more, I wanted the freedom to be able to do things at my own pace, and be happy, not just for my kids, but also for myself.”

“I am so happy that I took the risk by opening Viva, it is all I could have ever wanted, plus more. I am so grateful for all of my girls that make owning and operating this business come easy.”

On top of opening two locations simultaneously, Lindsay is also currently back in school to obtain her nurse practitioner’s license.

We asked our team to describe Lindsay in a few words – “driven, passionate, and loyal” were the words Sam, Amaya, and Jess chose to describe Linds.

Lindsay’s go to coffee order is a large hot vanilla latte with EXTRA sweetener.

Lindsay’s favorite treatment to perform on patients is Sculptra, hands down.

You’ll catch Lindsay in action at both of our locations!



Sam is an RN, Aesthetic Nurse here at Viva, as well as our social media and marketing manager. Odds are, if you’re scrolling and you see a post from came from Sam’s phone! Sam is our youngest nurse we have on our team, who graduated in May of 2022. Prior to becoming a nurse, Sam hustled her way through nursing school by bartending and working as a PCT at a local hospital. Sam messaged Lindsay the day that she passed her nursing boards, set up a day for training, we realized quickly that she was a perfect fit, and she has been with us ever since.

“My goal was to always specialize in aesthetics. Once I passed my NCLEX, I dove right in. I literally slid into Lindsay’s DMs . Lindsay took a chance on me, and for that I am forever grateful. Now I have this amazing group of women that I get to surround myself with, we are truly like a family. It feels so amazing to have a career that genuinely makes me happy and a workplace that feels like home. I also love that I get to use my creative side with managing our social media. I am so thankful for Viva, as well as all of my clients who trust me with enhancing their features and getting to make them feel their best self.”

Jess & Sam work closely with one another from a clinical perspective, as well as the background of the business. Here is what Jess had to say about Sam – “From the day I watched Sam pick up the needle, I knew she was going to be amazing. I texted her after I watched her inject her first set of lips and I said, “you are a natural at this.” She has a unique approach that is soft and so consistent. I love watching her work and I absolutely love how passionate she is about learning. She is a motivated woman and she has a level of determination that is hard to match! I love having her as a part of our team and also managing our social media!”

Sam’s go-to coffee order is a venti iced coffee with 2 pumps of Vanilla & almond milk..she ALWAYS has a coffee nearby

Sam’s favorite service to perform is facial balancing!

You’ll mostly catch Sam in action at our Squirrel Hill location! You will catch her at our Irwin location once a month.


Amaya is our Esthetician, as well as our social media and marketing assistant manager here at Viva! She started out working the front desk at her grandma’s salon, while in college, where she earned her bachelors degree in marketing! She also helps out with our social media.

“I tried the typical 9-5 office job and I knew it wasn’t for me. I always had an interest in skincare and making people feel beautiful, since a young age. I would even watch YouTube tutorials and buy all the things from Sephora and Ulta. During one of my summers in college, while still working at the salon, I decided to go to esthetician school. it was a 3 month program and I could get it done during one of my summer breaks in college. My goal was to work in a medspa and I couldn’t be happier being apart of this team and doing what I love.”

Jess knew Amaya before she decided to join us at Viva and here is what Jess had to say about Amaya – “I actually met Amaya at another med spa prior to us owning a hydrafacial, I was getting them elsewhere because I loved them! Each time I saw her, we just would talk and bond over little things. She has a marketing degree and was doing social media and I would give her tips and advice. One day we were at a skincare conference together and I could tell she wasn’t happy. I asked her if she wanted to send her resume and she jumped at the opportunity. She reminds me so much of my daughter and I really wanted her to have a work environment where she would be surrounded with co-workers that would nurture her and mentor her to flourish in her career! Since joining Viva, Amaya has been very eager to help and is always willing to help out anyone on our team! She learns quickly and she is so passionate about skincare. I love how devoted she is to getting everyone the best skin.”

Amaya is anti-coffee and can mostly be spotted with an Alani Nu energy drink instead, her go-to is cosmic stardust or breeze berry.

Amaya’s favorite service to perform is pairing a Hydrafacial & dermaplane together!

You will see Amaya at both of our locations!


Jessica is an RN, Aesthetic Nurse here at Viva. Prior to injecting at Viva, Jess worked as an RN in critical care, and prior to that, she had 14 years of experience in sales & marketing in the welding industry, where she met her husband, Denny!

She knew throughout her nursing career that she wanted to specialize in aesthetics. With the demands of floor nursing – the long days, night shifts, being short staffed, & all that comes with working in the hospital..she made the decision to go down the path that was making her most happy. She enjoys making an impact in how confident someone feels & helping her clients feel the best in their skin. She also focuses on enhancing natural beauty.

We asked Sam to say a few things about Jess – “Jess is truly unlike anyone I know. She is selfless in the sense that she wants to see everyone succeed and she goes out of her way to make sure that happens. Jess took a chance on me, coming into this industry straight out of nursing school with no experience, she has been there for me since day 1. She spent hours training me, staying with me during appointments until I felt confident, and always being there for me through navigating this industry. She is intelligent and an inspiration to everyone around her. I always say she is like a mother figure to me, but she says that makes her feel old so I have to say she’s like a sister instead  We are all so grateful for you!”

Jess’ go-to coffee order is a caramel macchiato with skim milk

Jess’ favorite service to perform is building lips over multiple sessions, or Sculptra for my older clients!

You will catch Jess in action at our North Huntington Location!


Becky is an RN, aesthetic nurse here at Viva. Becky has been a nurse for sixteen years and has spent most of it in an ICU setting. Becky decided to pursue aesthetics because she has always had a passion for all things beauty, and now anti-aging.

“I am a mom of 3 young children, so I feel like working at Viva is my “me time.” I really love getting to meet so many people and help with making them feel most confident and beautiful. I love that this industry has come such a long way.

Here is what Stef had to say about Becky – “Becky is such a great person! The very first time we met, we were sitting next to each other in the class we took from Lindsay to become injectors. Becky was actually the first person to give me Botox! I could tell from the very beginning that she was invested in learning all about aesthetics and injectables, and I trusted her right away. I love any time I get to share a day at the studio with her.”

Becky’s go to coffee order is a cinnamon coffee with a splash of sweet cream!

Becky’s favorite service to perform is Sculptra & lip filler!

You’ll catch her at both locations!



Stephanie is an RN, Aesthetic Nurse here at Viva. Before becoming a nurse, in which she has experience in critical care and home health care case management, Steph was a teacher! She taught language arts for middle school kids. Steph recently got married to the love of her life!

“I love aesthetics because I am able to enhance someone’s natural beauty and boost their self confidence. This industry is so positive and uplifting.”

Here is what Lindsay had to say about Steph – “Steph has been with me for a while. She took a basic training class with me and has been so committed to continued trainings and working with Viva. Steph is also the only nurse with Viva that offers lip blushing in addition to all of our other treatments! She is such a go getter & such a beautiful person. She always reaches out to me and is willing to help with different business ideas I have. She is truly an asset to our team and definitely brings a special and irreplaceable element. Steph is at Viva at our Irwin location every Thursday!”

Steph’s go to coffee order is an iced caramel macchiato

Steph’s favorite service to perform is Botox!

You will see Steph in North Huntingdon and Squirrel Hill!


Haley is a CRNA, RN Aesthetic Nurse here at Viva! Haley has been a nurse for nine years and a full time nurse anesthetist for the last three years! The drive she has to never stop learning has led her to gain experience in several avenues of nursing, but most importantly we are happy she chose to make the journey into aesthetics because we love having her on our team.

We asked Haley what led her into aesthetics and she said “the first time I got Botox, my skin was changed for the better and my confidence sky rocketed! I couldn’t wait to help others who maybe also struggled with being self conscious of their skin. I love delivering natural looking results while also being 100% honest with realistic expectations for my patients!”

We asked Sam to say a few things about Haley – “Haley & I clicked instantly and we talk every day. Whether that’s sending each other outfit links, new restaurants we want to try, or a video or post of a new injection technique, we have the same taste in just about everything. Haley is extremely intelligent and takes every precaution in order to be the safest injector possible. She has helped guide me and she has been a mentor to me from the second I met her. Her hard working mindset and determination is motivating. I can’t wait until our new location is open so we can be just a room over from one another!”

Haley’s go to coffee order is an iced venti skinny vanilla latte

Haley’s favorite treatment to perform on a client is “tox, tox, tox all day long!”

You’ll catch Haley mostly being a city girl in Squirrel Hill.


Grace is a licensed esthetician here at Viva! Grace started with us in November of 2023! Her passion for all things skin started in her early teens when she began to struggle with acne. Her goal is to make everyone confident in their skin!

Grace attended North Hills Beauty Academy for esthetics immediately after high school and graduated mid March of 2022 to receive her License.

When Grace isn’t working she loves to spend time at the lake/river with her boyfriend and friends during the summer! She’s also a cat mom to her fur babies, JJ and Dexter!

Grace has 2 years of experience in the industry. Since joining the Viva team she is always keeping up with her education with extensive trainings. She has underwent Lutronic trainings, Morpheus8 trainings, SkinPen trainings, HydraFacial trainings, Diamond Glow trainings, BioRePeel trainings, Dermaplane trainings SkinBetter Science trainings and ZO Skin Health trainings to become a ZO Skin Health Expert!

Grace’s go to coffee order is an iced blonde vanilla latte!

Grace’s favorite treatment to perform is Morpheus8! 

You’ll catch Grace at both locations!

Group Services

Please contact us about hosting a botox and filler party!

We offer group pricing for parties that are held in your place of business, in your home, or in our office.

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

Book a Complimentary Consultation

While a consultation is not mandatory, if this is your first time getting botox, filler or any aesthetic service, sometimes a consult is best to get started!

Your First Appointment

During your first appointment, your provider will review your medical history including previous treatments. They will then help to create a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve the best results. We discuss all of your concerns, your budget and timeline. 

After-care and Maintenance

Most procedures will have some after-care involved. Your provider will review these with you at the end of your appointment. We also schedule follow-up appointments. Our botox and other neurotoxins will have a 2 week “perfection check”, so that we can ensure you are happy with your results! We also can book out your next appointments to keep you on schedule. 

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